Category: Poetry

  • Madeleine Bazil

    Short Film (I) Pleasure is cold fruit, the choice to eat it. See me, aperture wide, that I appear to be sprawled across the quaternary, elaborately a part of the … Read the rest

  • Saba Keramati

    Ace of Cups Tonight I asked the cards whether we should have children and pulled five strands of water to hold. Will you say yes? And I want to— There … Read the rest

  • Patrick Dundon

    Into the Iron I was born onto a mirror. For a moment, there were two of me: the one crying, and the one who only looked like he was. The … Read the rest

  • Lena Khalaf Tuffaha
    To Be Self-Evident

    After Edward Said Every empire tells its subjects a story of revelation. The trees let down their aging leaves, listless in late drought. The children thrive on filtration, their classroom … Read the rest

  • Rasha Abdulhadi
    That Nation Talk

    talk abolition, talk transformation talk justice talk justice talk just us making for each other cause no one else is coming talk breakfast, talk leban, talk coffee talk tea tell … Read the rest

  • Slow Violence

    Slow Violence

    “There are costs to our living on this small, terminable planet. Daily these costs bear down on each of us, but their severity, visibility, and immediacy depend on who and where one is in the world.”

  • Felicia Zamora

    Mujer Mala after Gloria Anzaldúa’s “Movimientos de rebeldía y las culturas que traicionan” after the May 3, 2022 Roe V. Wade Overturn Draft Leak Let’s be clear :: my womb … Read the rest

  • Tomaž Šalamun

    Translated by Matthew Moore Bava’s No Fun I had three sons and five daughters. They were chained up in the woods. Buddha passed them. He ate a plum. With his… Read the rest

  • Kimberly Alidio

    A dense field of sound, a relaxation, a reading of space an expansive internalization of projection in a room or on a street, a texture of internal-external perceptual activity, the … Read the rest

  • James Swansbrough

    Last Time we had to stretch her out flat on the living room ottoman & I had to straddle her chest with my legs to pin her arms at her … Read the rest