West Branch 95, Winter 2021: Digital Issue

Cover Art: The Continuity of Surfaces (Four Things That Will Not Come Back), by Justyn Hegreberg (2019), mixed media on paper, 9.5″ x 7″

Poetry Selections by Sabrina Orah Mark

  • Introduction by Guest Editor Sabrina Orah Mark
  • Sarah M.C. Baugh
    A Phrase I Misheard, Hallelujah
    Another Name for Things
    Grandfather Trip
    I Found Horses
  • Samara Scheckler
    I eat toast and read the news
    Moment and Monument

At the Gate: Poems of Friendship

  • Introduction by Noah Baldino
  • Diane Seuss
    [There’ something to be said …]
    [All at once David went catatonic …]
    [After forty years of forced estrangement …]
  • Joe Gutierrez
  • Yanyi
    Home for the Holidays
  • Ross Gay & Rose Zinnia
    We Tree Singers Free
  • Oliver Baez Bendorf
    Stonewall Sestina
    What the Dead Can Do



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