Rasha Abdulhadi
That Nation Talk

talk abolition, talk transformation
talk justice talk justice talk just us
making for each other cause no one else is coming
talk breakfast, talk leban, talk coffee talk tea
tell me farms, tell me bees, tell me: make this, with me, please
talk shelter, talk compost, talk trees talk fruit,
talk clothes talk shoes, talk mending, talk pretending
with the nieces and nephews
talk niblings, talk siblings, talk cousins, talk love
kisses kisses kisses for all our friends, how we miss them
talk dirty talk fertile talk little talk turtle
mean tortoise, mean burrow, mean saving, mean refuge
talk fleeing talk fleeting talk push talk pull
talk borderless, paperless talk paper printed for this zine
talk clean talk oiled talk scented talk musk
talk us, us. us, just us, still. speak now sing now sleep now sweet
talk gun talk melt, make smelt of defense
talk safety talk team talk crew talk streets
talk halls and balls, crafting and brawling
talk nurture say accountable,
talk resource say consequence
talk reparations talk return talk land talk deed
stop talking now and pack all your bags please
just talk none of that make nation talk with me

Rasha Abdulhadi is calling on you—yes you, even as you read this—to renew your commitment to refusing and resisting genocide everywhere you find it. May your commitment to Palestinian liberation deepen your commitment to your own. May your exhaustion deepen your resolve and make you immovable. May we all be drawn irresistibly closer to refusals that are as spectacular as the violence waged against our peoples.