Kirsten Ihns

i wanted to know, then i knew
and it didn’t cost much, and I paid


to wrap the neck in chilly stones before you wake
everywhere you go is the main attraction
like a bank of plain machines beating in the night
as a mirror of princes, i hope y’all princes forgive me
sunned to death in a cozy window
underneath some pines,
pains, ridiculous & brethren
you breathe down my neck and i tear your pieces
they are easy to fill, seamless, stainless
the god can just exist while you sleep on it
now, i would like to practice my health
it was the spring of an early year in the tinted venus
a brief steam rain from a cup, phenomenal
the heart is the organ of adventure most suitable to pierce
put the engine on the tracks, Pollyanne, and lean
how is your relationship to shock
and drinking water, what about it?
electrode, pitter purifier
because my mother says, i’m utterly a little scared of…
i take each one and clean it
i sprinkle wheat meal down the talus field
bring a mild water to the wild flowers nodding at the head of the stream
may they fall in and loss
tally a redundancy of tasks, a fruited arson of the intelligence
fig tree grow high in the empty glade! you’re just a bush without it!


st. lawrence awake in the lime


the man keeps calling you chief and boss
sir, sometimes
i cannot help it
or stop it
from rolling off the table
the fun is a creature that knows what it wants
you should tape it right to the front of the cover
tape it right to the end of the tape
this is the first time we are able to see if it is
test to see if it has a function, how much function
when i put in what
only what comes out
from this we conclude the function
does not function at all
a woman may push aside
the tall blank gaze of her house
she may push aside the trailing plants
may have to


yes, hello


i sate like sum dome creature in the sun
and i lied there, all spangled, neither truth nor hungry
i was taken out to dance and click
obedient, i slip into Vast Amusement Model Picture
/just appear on the screen until someone gets involved
five times i made this thought til sweat burned on my brow like a razor
bumped my sweat on the grill
left it lonely as a sandwich
upon a crown of recollected hills, as they appear, in the literature:
let me to beat as a pulp before you
mostly, i like things i can find by means of bathwater
lately i feel curiously free to hazard and eat them
such as: let snow show the very nature
of space to be repetition: this was all the city wanted
i.e. to be seen as drawing, or field of slowly crystallizing fluid
with a hieroglyphic punctuation, taker of first and lasting pictures
seizing its little clock in the dark, shaking it, shaking